Scheduled On-Line Tests Tab (Start Audits and Checklists once Scheduled)

The Scheduled Online Tests Tab is where scheduled Audits and Checklists appear

  • For them to appear here, they must have first been created, and then scheduled.

To begin a Scheduled Test

  1. Note the point above and then continue

  2. Click ‘Work in Progress’ in the Control Bar

  3. Click the ‘Scheduled Online Tests’ Tab

  4. The top line of the Grid shows all Audits/Checklists that are scheduled for the User logged in.

  5. Drill in to the grid to see the schedule details

  6. To begin the Audit/Checklist, click the      button on the Right hand Side.

  7. The Audit/Checklist will appear on the page.

  8. Click the    button.

  9. Click ‘Yes’ in the verification in the Alert Pop Up.

  10. The audit will begin. You can read how to Perform an Audit here.

NB. It will now appear in the Grid in the ‘Online Started’ tab in the ‘Home’ page.