Online Started (Manage, Perform and Complete Audits and Checklists)

This Tab will show all online Tests that are relevant to the Logged In User that have been Started and are not finalised.

  • Tests will only appear here if they have first been created, started and have not been completed. The end date of the scedule is also shown.

  • Unfinished Audits and Checklists can be managed forward towards completion over the time span dictated in its scheduling.

  • Once they have been completed they will move in to the Online Completed tab.

  • The information is shown in in a Grid format


To Continue with an Audit or checklist once they have been started:

  1. Note the point above and then continue

  2. Click ‘Work in Progress’ in the Control Bar

  3. Click the ‘Online Started Tests’ Tab

  4. The top line of the Grid shows all Audits/Checklists that are started for the User logged in.

  5. Drill in to the grid to see the details

  6. Click the    button.

  7. The audit will open

a). Users can read how to Perform an Audit here.