How To Complete and Audit or Checklist

Once the Audit/Checklist has been scheduled and Online Started’ tab on the Home page.

  1. Click ‘Work in Progress’ in the Page Buttons

  2. Drill in to the Grid of the selected Test

  3. Click the      button.

  4. The Audit will open up.

  5. Details of the Audit appear at the top if the screen.

  6. The two relevant Input Columns are ‘Answer’ and ‘Comment’.

  7. Click in the line beside the question under the ‘Answer’ column to reveal a drop down box.

  8. Click it open.

  9. Select the appropriate answer from the selection.

  10. In the ‘Comment’ column, Users should add in ‘Improvement Actions’ if they have given a less than perfect score (less than 3)

  11. Navigate through the Audit using the navigation buttons and search tools.

  12. Click the Search box open to navigate to a certain Question Group (the Audit tabs)

  13. When users have completed an audit, click the Finalise Audit button.

  14. The Audit will now appear in the ‘Online Completed’ tab in the home page

NB. Reports on Audits can be completed at any time both during and once they have been completed. Read here for details on Audit Reporting.