Device Tests Tab

This tab shows Equipment Inspections that have been scheduled

  • These are viewed either by:

    • Relevance to the user logged in

    • Relevance to All Users

  • Drilling in to the Grid gives information on the dates and their status as to the hand held devices’ synchronisation and completion.

To view work in progress of Device Tests:

  1. Click ‘Work in Progress’ in the Control Bar

  2. The ‘Device Tests’ is the Tab you land on

  3. Optionally, select Tests scheduled for you by opening the      Dropbox and selection ‘Assigned to Me’

  4. Optionally, adjust the amount of Tests to show by opening the      Dropbox and selecting the number

  5. Optionally, adjust the date range by opening the and selecting the date

  6. To view detail on the Dates and Schedules of the Test, ‘Drill In’ to the relevant Test in the Grid.