Calendar Tab (View what is scheduled)

The Calendar is defined by the User logged in and how they are set up for sites in their profile.

  • It is adaptable to show Tests for the individual (Assigned to me) or for everyone (Show All)

  • If you have a site log in, the calendar will appear blank as the default is Assigned to me. Change the drop down on the top right to Show All
  • You can filter the sites in the relevant drop down menu
  • You can filter the the calendar to show any test state, such as missed tests (Expired) using the relevant drop down menu

It is found by:

  1. Clicking ‘Work in Progress’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click ‘Calendar’ in the tabs.


  3. Optionally, click the Day, Week, Month or Calendar tab as required




     4. Optionally, click the     button to reveal the legend which is explained in the image below: