Audit and Checklist Reporting

Reports on Audits can be performed both during an Audit at any time or after it has been completed. This allows historic performance to be measured against current performance without having to finalise an Audit when it may be not ready to do so.

Reports are completed in the same way in the Audit structure of both work in progress and completed Audits.

   1. Open the Audit

a). Work in Progress from with the ‘Online Started’ tab.

b). Completed Audits from the ‘Online Completed’ tabs.

      2. From the reporting section at the top of the page, open the drop box and select the kind of report required

a).Audit and Recommendations – For Score related Audits only – This will show any comments against the question

b).Audit Filtered – For Score related Audits only – Allows Users to filter to a specific score such as 0 – Non compliance. This allows the Audit to be filtered by the score that was given to it.

c).QLM Audit Summary – For Score related audits only and applies ONLY to the QLM, it groups the by Question Group Name to consolidate into one for a summary with no questions.

d). Audit Priorities – This is for Score related questions only will show in priority order. Although this can be applied to other manufactured Audits, this will mainly relate to the Leisuresafe audit from the outset after installation.

   3. Click the View Report Button

   4. The System will produce the report viewing online or printing.