How to Perform Ad Hoc (Unscheduled) Tests

The hand held can be used to perform ad-hoc Tests. To do this, there must be equipment with questions set up to do this in the location. (Please see here). The following is not possible until this has been done.

Process Flow

Perform an Ad Hoc Test:

  1. Launch the LeisureShield App from the Start Menu to reveal this page:


      2. Click Log In and log in using your Username and Password. (If forgotten, his can be retrieved by contacting the ADMIN user or Support:

a). Support Email:

          b). Support Telephone: 01482 223556

  1. Push the      button on the Main Menu.


  1. Scan the barcode in the location and select the appropriate equipment from the list

  1. Answer the questions accordingly, including the rest of the questions available as ad-hoc questions.


  1. The Review page appears at the end:

help (2)

NB. The Done button will be press-able only if the signature space is required and has been signed.


  1. Press        to take you to the Main Menu.


This clears the signature so that Users can repeat if necessary

This cancels the finalisation of the Test and takes Users back to the questions.

  1. Press       to synchronise the Test.


9. The Test can now be viewed at the Web Site

a). Reports (on Equipment Tests)
b). KPI Dashboard
c). Daily Pool Test Dashboard
d). Pool Water Report – Viewing, Exporting and Printing

  1. Email Alerts will have been sent in failed questions

  2. Email Alerts will have been sent if Rectifications were started.

  • These will be ‘Unassigned at this stage and must therefore be assigned at the

a). Rectifications Dashboard
b). Rectifications (Fault Jobs)