How to Perform a Scheduled Test

Process Flow

Tests must  be scheduled for the User logged in to the PDA, or the logged in User must be in the User Group and the Site that tests are scheduled for. (See here on editing user profiles)

Note: The Test Imminence Alert will not sound unless ‘Time’ has been ‘Enabled’ when scheduling the Tests.

To perform a Test:

Note that throughout the Test process, there are ‘Prompts’ that confirm your actions. Click OK or Cancel in these prompts accordingly.

The Test State button in the very top left of the testing screens is helpful of you need to save and exit during a test to come back to it later, or various other functions. See about it here.

  1. Launch the LeisureShield App from the Start Menu to reveal this page:

      2. Click Log In and log in using your Username and Password. (If forgotten, it can be reset from the log in page of the website and clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ link.)


  1. (On the first every sync, the PDA should be synced prior to the tests. After this, the PDA needs to be synced AFTER each test)    


  1. If synced before the test, new Tests to be downloaded are presented

  1. Check the relevant checkbox(es) and click OK


  1. The app returns to the Main Menu.

  1. Push to      reveal the Tests available to be run at that time:

  1. Check the relevant box and the Test will begin.

  2. Users are prompted to go to the location that the inspection is to take place.

a). NB this will happen every time a scheduled piece of equipment in a different location occurs in the same Test.


  1. Push the ‘OK’ button

  2. When in the location, point the hand held device scanner at the barcode/tag and press ‘Scan’


This button allows users to move on to the next location and come back to it later if necessary.

This button cancels the location. All answers to questions are marked as skipped


NOTE: Missing out Locations during Tests  – Read More on the Test State Button Here

If a location cannot be accessed, then the user can simply walk to the next location in the Tests and scan the barcode. The Device will continue with the Test and the missed location will be pushed to the end of the Test. A list of the location in a Test can be viewed in the ‘Test State’ button in the top left of the screen.


  1. The following appears:

  1. Answer the questions accordingly.

  2. If a question is failed, then the following appears:

Note: the ‘Create Rectification’ check box only appears to Users with permission to create a rectification (Fault Job) from the Device. Read here to configure this for Users. Click the image to enlarge it


  1. Answer the entire question set in the Test. The Application will guide users through the scheduled Test completion.

  2. The Review page appears at the end. Click the image to enlarge it:


Note: The ‘Done’ button is available to Tests that do not require a signature. If the Test does require a signature, then it will only be available if a signature is input in the correct area.


  1. Press      to take you to the Main Menu.

Other buttons:

This clears the signature so that Users can repeat if necessary

This cancels the finalisation of the Test and takes Users back to the questions.

  1. Press     tosynchronise the Test.


  1. The Test can now be viewed at the Web Site

a). Reports (on Equipment Tests)
b). KPI Dashboard
c). Daily Pool Test Dashboard
d). Pool Water Report – Viewing, Exporting and Printing

  1. Rectifications can be viewed or started (if not already started at the Device

a).Rectifications Dashboard
b).Rectifications (Fault Jobs)

  1. Email Alerts will have been sent in failed questions

  2. Email Alerts will have been sent if Rectifications were started.