How to use the Hand Held Device Software

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PDA Process Flow:

The hand held must be set up to sync with your web system. Contact Support if this has not been done.

The below is a list and description of the Main Menu buttons.

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Log in Button. Use this to Log in to the Application. Once logged in, the button changes to the Log Out button (below)

Log out Button. Use this to Log out from the Application. Once logged out, the button changes to the Log in button (above)

Ad Hoc Test button. If the User has the right permissions to do so, this button allows the user to perform an un-scheduled Test.

This button forces the Application to synchronise with the web application. It should be used to upload Tests and then to download them once completed at the end of a Test.

The Settings button is only available to ADMIN level Users.

The Load button allows Users to compete Tests that were not fully finished.

The Review button allows Users to review the Completed Test Prior to synchronisation. (NB there is a review at the end of every Test also)

The Run Test button allows Users to choose and start a Test.

The Exit button Logs the User out has closes the application down.