Rectification (Fault Job) Settings – Job Number and Deadlines Setting

The Settings page should have a high level of User Permissions as it is a Global Setting.

  • The Settings page controls the Global Settings for the Rectifications (Fault Jobs)

  • Settings in this page will:

    • Set the default deadline for Rectifications (Fault Jobs) ‘hours in the future’

    • Optionally, set the automated (and unique per job) Job number format.

      • This will appear on the reports generated for Rectifications, and used in email alerts

    • Optionally Set the increment number

      • Sequential from a start point, and padding for future number generation

    • Optionally override the default deadline per equipment Group

      • Allowing the automation of different rectification deadlines per equipment group

Use the page by:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Clicking the ‘Manage & Settings’ button in the Page Tree

  3. Set the Default Deadline in 1st Field (Hours in the future)

  4. Set the Automated Job Reference Number ‘Code Format’ to the desired format.

  5. Select the default increment number

  6. If required, override the Default deadline per equipment group by clicking in the same line as the equipment group under the ‘Hours to Completion’ and enter the number of hours in the future that is required.

  7. Click ‘Save.’

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