Allow Users to create Rectifications (Fault Jobs) in the Hand Held Device (Permission)

Permission must be given to a User to be able to create Rectifications at the Hand Held Device

  • The Check Box appears in the Failed Question screen if they have been given permission

  • See The Hand Held Device

To enable a User to create a Rectification at the hand Held Device:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Under ‘People Set Up’ in the Page Tree click ‘User Profiles’

  3. Find the User by either using the Search Box, Column Filtering

  4. Once the User is selected, click   

  1. Check the ‘Can Create Fault Jobs on the PDA’ checkbox

  2. Click ‘Save’

  3. Log in to the PDA with that Username and password and hit Sync

See here (image here) on how to use the Hand Held and begin Rectifications immediately at the Hand Held.