Change the Site a User is applied to (Shift management)

The Sites Tab (below image) defines which site(s) the users are applied to.

  • If the Email Alert on Failure checkbox is checked, the User will receive Email Alerts from the sites he/she is set up for in the Sites Tab

  • In the event of a User changing the site they work at to perhaps to cover a shift, or perhaps permanently, the system will need to be up-dated.

  • The User will need to sync the Device after any changes are made in order to complete equipment Tests

To Change the Site you are applied to (perhaps for Shift Management):

  1. Click your ‘Logged In As’ user name in the top right of the screen:


  1. This will reveal the below Pop Up:


  1. Click the Sites Tab

  1. Add the sites by drilling in to the tree by clicking the      Icon and checking the    checkbox.

  2. Click ‘Save’ to save

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel

NOTE: The hand held device must now be synchronised, and the User logged in to be able to perform Tests. See How to use the Hand Held Device Software.