Change The Group a User Is Applied to (Shift Management)

In the event of a User changing the Jobs they work at to perhaps to cover a shift, or perhaps permanently, the system will need to be up-dated.

  • The User will need to sync the Device after any changes are made in order to complete equipment Tests

To Change the Group a User is applied to:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Under ‘People Set Up’ in the Page Tree, click ‘User Profiles’

  3. Find the User by using the search box and/or ‘Drilling In’ to the Group and select the User that is to be edited

  4. Click the     ‘Pop Up’.

a). The Group the User is applied to can be edited using the Group Drop-down box:

b). Click the box open and select the Group
c). Click ‘Save’ to save all changes. Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action.