Add Users / Groups of Users to a Site

In order to add User to Sites, you must have first completed the following stages:

  1. Add a User Group

  2. Add a User

  3. Add a Site Group

  • Users can be added to sites when either managing sites (this description) or managing Users.

  • If Users are added to Sites in the sites Pop Up, then this will override the User set up.

To add Users / Groups of Users to a Site:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Under ‘Facility Set Up’ in the Page Tree, click ‘Manage Sites.’

  3. Find the Site by either Column Filtering

  4. Then click the       Pop-Up

  5. Click the ‘Users’ tab

  6. Apply the Users and / or Groups of Users by clicking the checkboxes in the area as highlighted in the above image.

  7. Click ‘Save’ to save the changes. Click ‘Cancel’ to stop the action.