Facility / Site Set Up

Buildings are named ‘Sites’

  • Areas inside the ‘Sites,’ such as reception areas, offices, plant rooms etc. are called ‘Locations’.

  • The Equipment Database  is a Global Setting.

    • There is only one instance of each piece of equipment in the database

    • That instance allocated many times in various locations.

    • Each time it is allocated it is given a new ‘Instance ID’ of that piece of equipment

  • Instances of the same piece of Equipment from the Database are allocated to its Location and subsequently to the Site.

  • Sites exist under a Site Group

The ‘Facility Set Up’ page is used to define the base structure of Sites. To navigate to the page:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Under ‘Facility Set Up’ in the Page Tree, click ‘Manage Sites.’

  3. Drill In to the ‘here