Roles are a Global Setting and should only be accessed by Users with high authority.

  • Roles’ reflect the Users job role and level of authority in the business.

  • Each User is given a Role as part of their profile (See how here).

  • Roles are automatically applied to User Groups with the same level of authority in the business.

  • The overall function of the ‘Roles’ page is to control what User groups can and can’t do when using the System.

You can add new Roles, edit an existing Role or Delete a Role from this page. The purpose is to apply whether or not the Role can ‘Insert,’ ‘Update’ or ‘Delete,’ when using the System.

Navigate to the Roles page by:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Under ‘People Set Up’ in the Page Tree, click ‘Roles

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