KPI Dashboard Editor

The KPI Dashboard is configured from this page by creating a base dashboard template

  • Each dashboard is User Defined

  • When users land on this page, the default is 4 placeholders for 4 Dashlets.

  • The Dashboard Editor is used for:

    1. Setting up the amount of Dashlets to be seen on a Dashboard (Placeholders)

    2. Setting the type of Dashlet to be seen in each Placeholder

    3. Setting the defining configuration of the Dashlet

Note: Dashboards are user defined, i.e. every User with the correct permissions can create their own dashboard. Users can create multiple dashboards and Dashboards can be set up to be seen by other User Groups. These can be configured to ether edit them or not.

To start a Dashboard Template, read Create a New KPI Dashboard

In this section you can:

  1. Setup Home

  2. Initial Pool and KPI Dashboards Configuration

a). Configure the Daily Pool Dashboard & the Pool Water Report

b). Create a New KPI Dashboard