Configure the Daily Pool Dashboard & the Pool Water Report

The Pool Water dashboard will not work until several aspects have been set up at equipment/questions levels.

The system comes with these already set up in an Equipment ‘template.’

1. Every pool in single or multiple leisure centres must be set up as an individual piece of equipment.

2. To create multiple pools, use the ‘Add Using Current’ feature. To discover how to do this read here.

  • Use the Equipment called ‘Pool/Spa Water Test – Pool 1’ equipment as the template to be copied and paste as the new pool with the pool name relevant ot the site and the type/name of the pool

3. Once this has been done, please continue with this section.

Once set up, the parameters within each question can be edited if necessary in accordance with Management Procedures.

To configure the Daily Pool Water Dashboard:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Under ‘Facility Set Up’ in the Page Tree, click ‘Manage Equipment.’

  3. Find the Equipment Group called ‘Pool and Health Suite/Spa and ‘Drill in’ or use the search to search for ‘pool’

  4. Click the Equipment named ‘Pool/Spa Water Test – Pool 1’

IMPORTAND NOTE: EVERY pool in an estate of leisure centres must be re-produced as a piece of equipment and re-named. To create more Pools, use the ‘Add Using Current’ feature.

  1. Once  Pool/Spa Water Test – Pool 1 has been highlighted, click the    Pop Up:

  1. Re-Name the equipment in the ‘Name’ field. (Succinct names are recommended, i.e. use the Centre Name in the name, and the name of the pool itself. E.G. ‘XYZ Leisure Centre – Main Pool.’

  2. Open the ‘Type’ field and select ‘Pool Testing’ if not already done so

  3. It is important to now de-select the irrelevant Pool Temperature questions by un-checking the  checkbox beside the irrelevant question. Decision should be based on the type of pool that is being created as a piece of equipment.

  4. Click ‘Save’ to save the new pool.

a). ‘Click’ Cancel to cancel

  10. Add another pool by repeating this section for every pool, ensuring that ‘Pool/Spa Water Test – Pool 1’ is used every time when doing the ‘Add Using Current’ function.

Once all Pools have been created, they must be now applied to the correct sites.

  1. Still under Set Up, In the Page tree, click ‘Manage Sites’

  2. Drill in to the Grid to find the Site and then the Location in which the pool Tests are completed.

a). Use the ‘Column Filter’ function if required at each level.

    13. Click the      ’Function Button’ to reveal the ‘Pop Up’:

14. Click the Drop-Box in the Equipment Field.

15. Find the Pool to be added in the list

a).  The list is sorted alphabetically

b). If you type in the box, it will filter automatically. Try typing the name of the pool.

16. Select the pool to be added by clicking it or hitting the Return key on the keyboard

17. The same name will appear in the ‘Instance Name’ field. Leave this as it appears.

18. Click ‘Save’ to save the changes.

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel. The Pop up will remain open if the Add Another checkbox is checked and ‘Save’ is clicked.

19. Repeat this for every Pool.

20. The Pool Water Tests can now be created and scheduled. Read how here – Create / Add a Test Template

21. The results of every Test in every pool will now appear ‘Daily Pool Dashboard’ and the Pool Water Report’