Email Alerts and Configuration (Inspections and Rectifications)

Process Flow:

Inspection Email Alerts (Fault Find)

  • Inspection Email Alerts are sent from the system upon the synchronisation of the Hand Held device on every failed question in the Test, and/or if a fault job has been created for them.

  • Alerts are sent to Users that the system has been set up to do so.

Rectification Email Alerts (Fault Fix)

Fault Job (Rectification) Email Alerts work slightly differently in that there are two instigations for them. They can be instigated in both Scheduled and Ad-hoc inspections.

  1. At the Hand Held Device.

a). There is an optional checkbox in the failed question screen that once checked and the Test is synchronised back, the system sends out an alert email to ‘Unassigned’

  • This email goes to everyone set up to receive these emails.
  • It must be assigned to a User after this point at the Website
  • Once assigned, the assignee receives an email telling them along with anyone else set up to receive the email
  • They are User / Site specific.
  • A User must have been given permission to start a Rectification (Fault Job)

2.  At the Web System.

a). Once the fault has been recognised by the system, the User has the option to start a Rectification (Fault Job) for it.

b). The Rectification (Fault Job) is assigned to a User at this point.

c). Each person set up to do so will receive an alert email


  1. Rectification (Fault Job) emails are also sent to everyone who is set up to receive them when jobs are edited and or completed.

  2. The email alert lso contains a link to the relevant Job in the System that, in order for it to work, the User must be logged I to the system

  3. The email also contains a PDF report for ease of access to information.