Select the Dashboard to be Edited

To edit a Dashboard Template:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click ‘KPI Dashboard Editor’ in the Page Tree


Note: the Function Buttons

Hovering over the ‘Dashboard’ button reveals the following:

  • ‘New’ – create a new Dashboard Template

  • ‘Load’ – edit a current Dashboard

  • ‘Save’ – save a dashboard Template

  • ‘Delete’- delete a Template

Hovering over the ‘Design’ button:

  • Add Dashlet – adds a dashlet to a Template

  • Remove Dashlet – removes a dashlet from the Template

  • Modify Rows/Columns – adjusts the amount of Rows and Columns in a Template


  1. Hover over the ‘Dashboard’ button:

  • Click ‘Load’ to reveal the Pop Up

  1. Select the Dashboard you wish to edit

  2. Click ‘Load Dashboard’

a). The Dashboard will appear in the page