Edit a KPI Dashboard Name, Rows & Columns and Visibility to other User Groups

To change a Dashboard’s name or description, you must first select the Dashboard to edit. Read how here.

To then change the amount of Rows or Columns in the Dashboard or edit the User Groups that can view it:

  1. Hover over Design and click ‘Modify Rows / Columns’ to reveal:

  2. Optionally edit the Dashboard a Name and a Title

  3. Optionally adjust the rows and columns required in the template using sliders and dragging them to the desired quantities

  4. If required, share the KPI Dashboard with a User Group by clicking open the ‘Share with User Group’ drop box and clicking the appropriate Group. His will enable all Users in that Group to see that dashboard

  5. If required and if no. 6 has been selected, de-restrict other users from modifying the settings of the dashboard by checking the checkbox.

  6. Click ‘Modify Current Dashboard’ to save

a). Click ‘Cancel Changes’ to cancel the action.