Detailed Report Filtering

Users can filter the reports by:

  1. Click ‘Manage and Schedule’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click ‘Inspections Reports’ in the Page Tree

  3. Click

4. The options are to filter by Site, Test, User, Pass/Fail, Fault Jobs, Uploaded Date and Minimum Failures in each of the drop-down boxes.


Filter Test results applicable to a specific site.


Filter Test results to a specific Test.


Filter Test results to a specific user.


Filter the Test results that are have either passed or failed.

Fault Jobs

Filter the Test results that have a Rectification (Fault Job) applied to them or not.


Filter the Test results as to when they were uploaded from the Hand Held Device. Choose either a specific date or a date range buy selecting them from the drop-down box and inputting the date(s) in the boxes below.

Min. Failures

Enter a digit to filter to Test results that have that amount or less of failures.

5. Click ‘Save’ to begin the filtering process.

a). Click Cancel to stop and close the Pop Up.

b). Click reset to reset the Pop-Up but keep it open to start again.

6. The Filtered results will appear in the grid on the Full report page.

7. To view detail of the results of a failed item, click the    icon. The Pop up a summary of the result, detail on the question that was asked and statistics on the question and equipment.