View, Export, Print & Email a Rectification (Fault Job)

All data from the actions of Users can be input in to the Rectification of a Fault. This can be managed in two places in the system

  1. The Rectifications page

  2. The Rectifications Dashboard

At the Rectifications page, Rectifications can be exported:

  1. Click ‘Rectifications’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click Ratifications in the Page Tree

  3. Find the rectification (Fault Job) that is to be reported on to by Drilling in to the Grid.

  4. Highlight it by clicking the text in the line in the Grid.

  5. Click the drop down on the  Function Button to reveal 3 options: 

  • Click ‘Rectifications report to see a brief report on the Rectification

  • Click Rectification Details Report to see a detailed report on the Rectification.

(This is the report that is attached to the Rectification Alert Emails and the forward management emails on Rectifications).

  • Click Overdue Rectifications to see a report on overdue rectifications

  1. Clicking either of them will open up the exporting page with the report underneath

  2. Hover over the buttons at the top to reveal their functions.

  3. When printing, click the  button and then ‘Export’  in the Pop Up to export the document to PDF before you can print.

NB: the file will download to    a browser /downloads folder in the PC.

  1. Open the file in a preferred PDF viewer and print it from there.

  2. When exporting to another format, select the     button and select the format required from the Pop Up drop box. Click ‘Export in the Pop Up.

  3. If required, once saved to a file in the PC, the report can be emailed from the PC in the normal way.