Rectification (Fault Job) Filtering

To find a particular Rectification (Fault Job):

Click either:

        1. ‘Rectifications’ in the Control Bar.

a). You will automatically land on the Rectifications page.

       2. ‘Dashboards’ in the Control Bar and then

b). ‘Rectifications Dashboard’ in the Page Tree
c).  See Rectifications Dashboard Management

On the Rectifications page (1 above)

       3. Click the      Po Up:

  1. The Pop-Up gives you options that allow you to filter by ID, site, Test, equipment, user, when the job was create, open or closed, priority or by completion.


Filter to a specific Job by its ID.


Chose the site you wish to filter to and interrogate.


Choose a specific Test.


Choose Equipment Groups.


Choose fault jobs that are applied to a specific user.


Select either a specific date of a rate range. Fill in the boxes below once you have selected from the drop down box.


Select weather a Fault Job is still open or has been closed off.


Select Normal, High or Low.


Allows you to Filter to Fault Jobs with date assignments. To add actual dates, select either ‘Date’ or ‘Date Range’ from the drop-down box.

  1. Click ‘OK’ to save

a). ‘Cancel’ to cancel.

b). Reset to reset the Filter