Edit Rectifications (Fault Jobs)

  • All data from the actions of Users can be input in to the Rectification of a Fault. This can be managed in two places in the system

    1. The Rectifications page

    2. The Rectifications Dashboard

At the Rectifications page, Replies can be managed:

  1. Click ‘Rectifications’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click Ratifications in the Page Tree

  3. Find the rectification (Fault Job) that is to be replied to by Drilling in to the Grid.

  4. Highlight it by clicking the text in the line in the Grid.

  5. Click the        Function Button to reveal the Pop Up:

  1. Edit the Fields as required (described below):



Allows you to edit the User at the point of starting the Rectification.

Completion date

Allows you to enter the completion date. This is automated and can be edited at the Rectifications Setting Page. This is un-editable after its first assignation.


Allows you to edit the detail of the Rectification


Allows you to adjust the priority of the Rectification


Allows you to open or close the Rectification

  1. Click ‘Save’ to save

    • Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel.