Assigning Rectifications (Fault Jobs)

Note – Rectifications (Fault Jobs) can be started at the Hand Held Device, but they are not assigned to anyone at this stage.

To assign a Rectification at the Assign Rectifications page:

  1. Click ‘Rectifications’ in the Control Bar

  1. Click ‘Assign Rectifications’ in the Page Tree

  2. Either ‘ use the Filter button to find the Test that is to have a Rectification applied to it.

  3. Select the Test that is to have the Rectification applied to it by clicking the Text in the line of the third tier of the Grid after drilling in.


  1. Click the     ‘Pop-Up.

  2. The Job reference is Automatic and set up in the Rectifications Settings page

  3. Apply the Job to a User in the ‘Assign To field’.

    • The User will receive an Alert Email (providing the User has an Email address in the User set up.)
  4. The deadline can be adjusted from the default deadline (which is set in the Rectifications Settings Page) at this point, but not after it has been saved.

Note: the System will identify what Equipment Group the failed item sits under and apply the default time in the future (hours) if it has not been overwritten by the Set Up of the Rectifications Settings page. The hours are added on to when the Test was taken and the Fault identified, not when the Test was synchronised.

  1. High, Medium or Low priority can be allocated

  2. Click ‘Assign’ to save

    • Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel.
  3. The Job will now appear in the ‘Rectifications’ page in the Control Bar.

Note: It will also appear in the Rectifications Dashboard.

The fields used when assigning a Fault Job are described below.

Job Reference

A reference code to identify this job. This is created automatically and can be personalised at the Rectifications Settings page.


The User that is responsible for this Rectification.

Completion Date

A date of when this job is expected to be completed. It can be used when filtering to find fault jobs that are overdue. This is automated in the Rectifications Settings page.


Specific details to describe the job/fault.


A priority of Normal, High or Low.