Add New Equipment

Users can add new equipment in two ways:

  1. Creating a new piece of equipment

  2. Creating a new piece of equipment by copying another

To create a new piece of equipment:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click ‘Manage Equipment’ in the Page Tree

  3. Select the Group in the Grid  the new piece of equipment is to be added to

  4. Column Filtering function. If the equipment does not already exist, continue:

  5. Click the       ‘Pop Up’:

  6. Add the name of the equipment in the ‘Name’ field

  7. Optionally:

a). You can change the Group the Equipment is to exist in in the ‘Group’ dropdown field

b). You can add questions from other equipment using the ‘Questions’ field. Read more here.

c). If you are creating and Audit, the equipment and Questions can be weighted ( 0 – 3) using the ‘Weight’ field

d). You can automatically tag the equipment to particular dashboards/reports in the ‘Type’ field

NOTE – this is normally left as N/A

  8. Click ‘Save’ to save the changes. Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel.

  9. Now go to ‘Adding Questions to Equipment’