Managing Equipment (Equipment Instances & Questions)

Equipment Database & Equipment Instances Definition:

  • The majority of Equipment in the system is physical pieces of equipment.

  • Equipment can also be a group of questions used for a specific set of Tests (such as pool water Testing) or creating groups of questions in Audit, or for creating a group of questions that are to be a general Checklist.

  • All equipment has Questions associated with it

  • These are the questions used in the hand held devices when doing inspections

  • One piece of every equipment exists in the Database. (For Example, there is one ‘Fire Extinguisher’ exists in the equipment database)

    • When setting a site up,, the equipment in the database is repeated again and again with different instance names (e.g. Fire Extinguisher 1, Fire Extinguisher 2, Fire Extinguisher 3 etc)

    • As one piece of equipment is used again and again, then if questions need to be changed, this only has to be done once, at the original piece of equipment in the database. This changes ALL the questions in every instance of the equipment

  • This makes the equipment in the Database a Global Setting. If you change a question about equipment in the database, then the question changes for every instance of that equipment, no matter what Instance Name has been given to it during the Set Up process