Test Template Route Optimisation – Change the order of Locations, Equipment and Questions

Moving the Locations, Equipment and Questions in the Test Template defines the order that they appear in the Hand Held device to the User when performing Tests

  • Although Users can skip locations easily when performing a Test with the Hand Held Device, it is best to optimise the Template prior to its longer term scheduling.

Important Notes to Editing Test Templates:

To Optimise a Test Template

  1. Click ‘Manage & Schedule’ in the Control Bar

  2. You will land on ‘Tests and Schedules’ in the Page Tree

  3. Select the Test Template to be optimised by clicking the text in the line of the Grid.

  4. Click the  ‘Pop Up’

  5. Optimise the order that the Test occurs (Locations, Equipment and Question’s) by clicking and dragging

a). the Locations, then;
b). the equipment under the locations (if necessary)and;
c). the questions (if necessary)

Note: It is recommended to reflect the order as required by the physical nature of the building. The Item closest to the top will appear first in the Device (or Checklist/Audit)

a). Note: If new locations are added to a Test template after its creation (editing), the locations will need to be reordered as the new locations will appear at the bottom of the Template and will likely be out of sequence.

b).  Note: Users can perform Tests out of sequence using functionality in the hand held device.

The Test State Button – Skipping Locations, Questions, Equipment, Save and Exit a Test, Load a Test

  1. Click ‘Save’ to save

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action.

     7. The new version of the Test template will appear in the Grid below and the Version Number will up-date sequentially.

     8. Note the important notes at the beginning of this page.