Edit a Test Template

To edit a Test Template:

  • Click ‘Manage & Schedule’ in the Control Bar

  • You will land on ‘Tests and Schedules’ in the Page Tree

  • Drill in to the Grid one level and select the Template to be edited by clicking the text in the line of the Grid.

  • Click   

NOTE – the name of a Test Template cannot be edited. Please contact Support with a request for them to change the name of a Test Template

  • Optionally, check the ‘Signature’ box if a signature is required at the end of the Test at the Device.

  • Note the tree (The locations in the site)  appear in the box. You can use the search box to find locations, equipment or individual questions by typing keywords or phrases checking or un-checking the locations, equipment, questions options and hitting return on the keyboard.

  • Optionally, click the ‘Plus’ icon in the tree to see the levels below as follows:
    • The first level is Locations
    • The second level is the Equipment in the location
    • The third level is the Questions that apply to the Equipment in the Locations
  • Optionally, turn on or off locations, equipment or questions by checking the green X checkboxes. (NOTE if you check the box at locations level, ALL the equipment and questions are turned on in that location. Of you check the box beside the Equipment, than ALL the e1uipment questions will be turned on. It is best to turn on INDIVIDUAL questions by checking the box beside each question. Mistakes can be corrected by simply un-checking the box at top level in the tree.)
  • Optionally, optimise the order of locations/equipment/locations that the Test occurs in the Device by clicking and dragging them to the desired point in the tree. The Item closest to the top will appear first at the PDA.
    • Note: If new locations are added to a Test template after its creation (editing), the locations will need to be reordered as the new locations will appear at the bottom of the Template and will likely be out of sequence.
    • Note: the sequence is the recommended sequence when doing a test. In fact, Users can perform Tests out of sequence if required.
  • Click ‘Add’ to save or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action.
  • The Test Template will appear below the Template Group name in the Grid with a new version number.

Important Notes to Editing Test Templates: