Creating an Audit or Checklist Test Template

To create an Audit or Checklist Test Template, the equipment and questions must have already been created. Please see:

  • Audits and Checklists are completed On-Line and not at the Hand Held Device.

  • The system comes with three pre-built audits. These are:

    • QLM Leisuresafe

    • ViewPoint Customer Journey

    • Health and Safety Paperwork Checklist

  • However, a User with the right Permissions can create new Audits and Checklists. See Create an Online Checklist / Audit.

The Audits that the system comes with are already set up, ready to be scheduled. The following is only for new Audits or Checklists:

In order to Create a Test Template for  an Audit or Checklist, they must first be given their own Location in a Site:

To create the new location:

Stage 1:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click ‘Sites, Locations & Equipment in the Page Tree

  3. Select the Site you wish to add the Location to by ‘Drilling In’ to the Grid and highlight it by clicking the text.

  4. Click  the  ’Function Button’ to reveal the ‘Pop Up’:

  1. Add the Name in the ‘Name Field’. It is recommended to name succinctly, such as ‘QLM Leisuresafe Audit’

  2. Add a number or text in the RFID field (QLM Sitename) for example

  3. Click ‘Add’ to save the changes.

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel.

Stage 2:

Now add the Audit to that Location:

  1. On the same page, click the Location you have just added by ‘Drilling In’ to the Grid and highlight it.

  2. Click the   ‘Pop Up’:

  3. Find the Audit or Checklists to be added to the Location

a). Click open the Drop-Box in the Equipment Field by clicking anywhere in the Box Use the ‘up and down’ arrow keys on the keyboard or the scroll bar with the Mouse to navigate through the list.

b). Click it or hit return

c). The ‘Instance Name’ will automatically populate.

Note – For Convenience – By Typing the first few letters of the equipment the list will ‘Jump’ to the nearest in the list.

  1. Click ‘Add’ to save the changes.

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel.

Stage 3:

The Audit must now become a Test Template so that it can be scheduled:

12. Click ‘Manage & Schedule’ in the Control Bar,

13. You will land on the Tests and Schedules page

14. Select the Template Group the Test Template is to exist in by clicking the text in the line of the Grid.

15. Click the   ’Function Button’ to reveal the ‘Pop Up’

  1. Click the ‘Site’ field and select the site the Test Template is to apply to. The locations in the Site appear in the ‘Items’ box.

  2. Check the checkbox beside the Audit you are creating the Test Template for

a). You can search through the Audit and remove/add questions by clicking the tree open and checking/unchecking the     boxes.

18. Add a Name and a Purpose for the Audit/Checklist in the appropriate fields

19.Leave the ‘Signature required’ checkbox unchecked.

20.Click ‘Add’ to save

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action.

The Audit or Checklist must now be Scheduled. Please read: