Create an Online Checklist / Audit

Audits and Checklists are completed On-Line and not at the Hand Held Device.

  • The system comes with three pre-built audits. These are:

    • QLM Leisuresafe

    • ViewPoint Customer Journey

    • Health and Safety Paperwork Checklist

The following only applies to NEW Audits and Checklists. The 3 above are already set up and ready for Scheduling. To schedule these, please see Scheduling Audits or Checklists.

  • Audits and Checklists use the same paranaters as the rest of the system. A topic (group of one or more questions) is an Equipment and questions about the topic are the questions associated to the Equipment. For Example:

    • Part of an audit is 10 questions about Policies.

      • The Equipment would be called ‘Policies’

      • The questions would be the 10 questions associated to the equipment called Policies.

  • To create a new general checklist or a new audit, Users can first either

    • create new Equipment Group, or

    • add new equipment to an already existing group (go to Stage 2 below)

Note – Only Users with sufficient permission can create a new Audit or Checklist

To create a new equipment group:

Stage 1:

  1. Click ‘Set Up’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click ‘Equipment and Questions’ in the Page Tree

  3. Click the    ‘Pop Up’ as shown below:

  1. Add the name of the new Group in the ‘Name’ field. It is suggested to Prefix Audits and Checklists with either ‘Audit – XYZ‘ or ‘Checklists – XYZ ‘

  2. Click ‘Add’ to save the changes.

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel

Stage 2:

Now add Equipment to the Group (The ‘Equipment’ is the name of the Checklist/Audit):

  1. On the same page, select the newly created Group by clicking and highlighting the Group in the Grid.

  2. Click the   ‘Pop Up’:  

  3. Add the name of the Checklist/Audit in the ‘Name’ field

  4. Open the ‘Type’ field and select ‘General Audit’

  5. Click ‘Add’ to save the changes.

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel

    11.  The new Equipment will appear in the Grid under the Equipment Group

Stage 3:

Now add questions to the new piece of equipment (The Audit Questions)

  1. On the same page, find the new Equipment (Checklist or Audit) by ‘Drilling in’ to the Grid and selecting the equipment by clicking the text.

  2. Click the   ‘Pop Up’:

  3. Click open the ‘Question Type’ field and select:

                        a). For a Checklist


                        b). For an Audit

                                  Either ‘Yes/No’ or ‘Score’ depending on the type of Audit being created


Note: no other question type will work for Checklists of Audits.


  1. Fill in the Fields as required.

  2. Click ‘Add’ to save the changes.

                 a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel.

Stage 4:

Now add the Equipment (the new Checklist or Audit) to a NEW Location in a site. To create the new location read here: