Copy and Paste a Test Template (Duplicate and re-Name)

Test Templates can be easily duplicated and re-named through the copy and paste functions.

  1. Click ‘Manage & Schedule’ in the Control Bar

  2. You will land on ‘Tests and Schedules’ in the Page Tree

  3. Select the Test Template to be copied by clicking the text in the line of the Grid.

  4. Click the   ’Function Button’

  5. Select the Group that the Template is to be Paste into by selecting the Group in the Grid

  6. Click the  ‘Pop Up:

  7. Edit the ‘Name’ of the new Test Template.

  8. Click ‘Paste’ to paste the Test Template with the new name.

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the task.

     9. The new Test Template will appear in the Grid below the Group.