Cancelling and Rescheduling a Test


Cancelling scheduled tests and re-scheduling Test Templates is managed at the Test and Scheduled page.

If you edit a Template, any current schedules will need to be cancelled fully and the test re-scheduled fully using the Schedule button.

If you have edited a barcode or a question in the Manage Sites page of the Equipment and Questions page, to get the information to the PDA then you simply cancel current schedules if the test and re-enable them.

Individual instances of scheduled tests (perhaps for a Bank Holiday for example)  can be cancelled also by drilling down to the second status level and cancelling specific times and dates.

  • Once a Test Template has been re-scheduled or re-enabled, the Hand Held Device must be re-synchronise

If you have edited a Test Template you need to Cancel current schedules and Re-schedule the Test template:

  1. Click ‘Manage & Schedule’ in the Control Bar

  2. You will land on ‘Tests and Schedules’ in the Page Tree

  3. Select the Scheduled Test to be cancelled by using the Column Filtering function or drilling in to the right level if the Grid (see point 4 and 5 below)

  4. To cancel an entire schedule of a test, go to the 3rd level, ‘Status,’  in the Grid and go to section 6 below
  5. Click the  button to cancel the Inspection   
    1. The button changes to
  6. Now re-schedule the Test Template

If you have edited a barcode in the Manage Sites page or edited a question in the Equipment and Questions page then:

  • Do the above process to stage 5
  • to renable the Schedule, simply click the button again and wait for it to change back to Cancle. 
  • Now sync the PDA


Note –  The PDA will need to be synchronised for the information to be available during the test.