Rectifications Dashboard Management

Rectifications can be managed in:

The Rectifications Dashboard pulls everything together in one place.

  • It automatically populates with the Failed Tests per site when the Hand Held device is synchronised.

  • This allows Rectifications (Fault Jobs) to be easily managed

  • It is User specific as per the User that is logged in and how their Profile is Setup.

The Rectifications Dashboard:

  1. Click ‘Dashboards’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click Rectifications Dashboard in the Page Tree

Note: the page you land on is relevant to ‘Today’ and will populate as and when Faults are synchronised back to the system from the Hand Held Device

To Manage Rectifications:

  1. Optionally, select the site from the drop down (this is User Specific)

4. Optionally, change the date, select from the dropdown:

5. Assign a Rectification (Fault Job) by hovering over the Rectification and clicking the      button to reveal the Pop Up:

6. Edit the Fields as required.

7. Click ‘Assign’ to save

   a). Click ‘Cancel’ to stop the action.

8. If (when) there is a Rectification started, clicking the link under the ‘Test Comment’ column will link straight to the Rectification page where there are more options for editing. See Rectifications (Fault Jobs) for more information.

9. If (when) you click or hover over a Rectification that is in the Dashboard, then the ‘Add Reply’ Function Button appears at the top of the page:

10. Press it to reveal the Pop Up       

11. Add further comments in the comments box

12. If required, close the Job using the ‘Job Status’ drop down box

13. Click ‘Add’ to save

a). Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action.