Pool Water Report – Viewing, Exporting and Printing

This page is an automated report

  • It counts the numbers of pool water question and the number of fails.

  • It reports in a (back office) configurable Red Amber Green percentage in terms of failed questions

  • It is User specific in terms of the User profile set up.

  • Read how the Pool Water Report is configured here.

Report, Export and Print by:

  1. Click ‘Dashboards’ in the Control Bar

  2. Click the ‘Pool Water Report’ page in the Page Tree

  3. Apply the date (or date range) to be analysed by clicking open and selecting the date. (use the scroll bar to see more)
  4. Once selected click the Apply Date button.

  5. Hover over the buttons at the top to reveal their functions.

  6. When printing, click the  button and then ‘Export’  in the Pop Up to export the document to PDF before you can print.

NB: the file will download to a   print   browser /downloads folder in the PC.

  1. Open the file in a preferred PDF viewer and print it from there.

  2. When exporting to another format, select the         button and select the format required from the Pop Up drop box. Click ‘Export in the Pop Up.

  3. If required, once saved to a file in the PC, the report can be emailed from the PC in the normal way.