Dashboard Information

Dashboards are designed to feedback information to managers in an easy to read manner.

The system comes with dashboards.

       1. The Daily Pool Dashboard

a). Daily Pool Dashboard is for daily summary if the condition of pool water.

b). It will show the results of the Pool Water Tests taken over one day both in a table format and in graphical format.

     2. The Pool Water Report

a). The Pool Water Report page gives figures on the performance of each aspect of pool water Testing in a selectable time period.

      3. The KPI Dashboard

a). The KPI Dashboard is to show actual performance against adaptable key performance indicators.

    4. The Rectification Dashboard

a). The Rectifications Dashboard show all the equipment failures in one screen making them easy to mange

   5. The General Performance Report

a) This report is for showing month to date and monthly history of questions asked per equipment that exists in a category. Although 100% adaptable, the system comes with the categories and types pre defined at equipment and question level.